Rise of the Zombiepublicans

Rise of the Zombiepublicans
Fake News consuming and fact free Zombiepublicans have devoured the party


The Rise Of The Zombiepublicans

Throughout modern American history, extremists of all stripes have been a common element of the political landscape. In the past these extremist organizations and their members at best occupied a very narrow place in public discourse.  For the most part they were relegated to the margins of society, finding little to no acceptance in mainstream politics.  Whether you leaned left or right, each side has always had their crazies, neither of which was taken seriously by mainstream liberals or conservatives. . . that is until now.

It is no secret that this country is experiencing a debilitating inefficiency at the federal level due to political polarization.  This polarization is fueled in great part due to a complete and utter embrace of ignorance and so called “alternative facts” by too many people on the right.  In the past such pundits and their followers would have never been taken seriously as mainstream thought leaders. Today these individuals who shun any kind of information that does not comport to their worldview are a sizable swath of the right-wing electorate.

The ascension of Donald Trump is the greatest proof of the right-wing lunatic fringe’s pervasive influence.  It is as if the lunatics have taken over the asylum.  Just under a year into Donald Trump’s presidency, it’s obvious through his deed and words that he is ill-equipped for our highest office and someone who has denigrated the presidency.  Yet for too many individuals in our country, Donald Trump is indeed “Making America Great Again.”

Zombiepublicans eat fake news

No longer do we all agree on a shared set of verifiable information to lead the way in our daily discourse.  For too many people on the right, a steady diet of the president’s tweets and imbecilic rhetoric act as a sort of political chum that whips them into a right-wing frenzy. Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos, and their fellow misinformation moguls rule the day and are what now passes for information and “news.”  Meanwhile venerable institutions of public record such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and even the right leaning Wall Street Journal, are simply dismissed as “fake news.”

There is a notion out there that those of us that are reasonable and thoughtful must somehow find a way to bridge the gap with these informationally challenged individuals.  We are implored to “hear what these people are telling us.”  This notion of course assumes that there are two individuals willing to have a discussion from a basis of shared trust and a commonly held respect for facts and verifiable information.  However, when one person gets to say, “But her emails! Fake News!” as a response to everything that challenges their worldview, there is no starting point and regrettably no way to reach someone like that.

Zombiepublicans are repulsed by facts

Facts and information be damned if they conflict with what Tomi Lahren, Sean Hannity, and Fox News spew forth.  Ignorance is now exalted to such a level that academia has become the new welfare queen.  It’s only the latest in a long line of bogeyman for the right to desperately cling to in order to assuage their own lack of intellectual curiosity and shortcomings.  We are at an inflection point where, as Isaac Asimov once said, too many people genuinely feel as though “. . . democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.””

Many of our fellow citizens are much like zombies, driven by a bloodlust to devour anything that remotely clashes with their worldview.  Zombiepublicans double down on Trump no matter how offensive, ineffectual, or dangerous.  If mental contortions could be viewed for entertainment purposes, Cirque du Soleil would fold up their shows and leave Las Vegas immediately due to their inability to compete with Zombiepublicans.

Zombiepublicans are consuming this country

Much like their TV and horror movie counterparts are viewed as civilization threatening adversaries, Zombiepublicans’ political presence contributes nothing positive to our country. In fact, quite the opposite is true.  Their political voices are toxic and decimate any kind of healthy discourse.  Left unchecked Zombiepublicans will only devour reason, intelligence, thoughtfulness, and intellectually honest debate.

For those that find offense at this characterization, I’ll be the first to say that Zombiepublicans are fortunately only a subset of the Conservative electorate, albeit a large one.  There are still intelligent, thoughtful voices left on the right.  However, they are either drowned out, or more cynically, complicit in the rise of Zombiepublicans simply because it’s expedient to their own personal political agenda.

This can’t continue.  We need to come together as a country.  The question is how when a sizable portion of our population essentially behaves like the intellectual personification of a brain-dead rotting corpse.  Zombiepublican’s continual devouring of everything reasonable and honest in its path, will only serve to continually weaken the fabric of our government and public discourse.  The stakes are too high now to be complacent.  Reasonable people must rise together against this thought plague and send it back to the fringes and remotest corners of the political landscape where it belongs.

Written by Jorge Hernandez

Founder, Silent Majority This!





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