This is the first post for Silent Majority This! Welcome everyone. Silent Majority This! is a forum that promotes rational conversation regarding our society and political landscape. No flaming, trolling, or fake news will be tolerated here. There are a plenty of other places where you can do that, be my guest and find those forums. Ideally from here moving forward I’ll post a mix of videos, links, and thoughts on different topics.

Allow me to state the obvious for a moment, we are a house divided in this country. As a nation it will be harder and harder to get anything meaningful done at a federal level if we don’t find a way to understand one another and right now the chasm between both sides seems overwhelmingly immense and difficult to overcome. The yelling at 11, the name calling, the demonization of one another, none of that is working yet it seems like all each side is doing is doubling down on this flawed strategy if you can even call it that.

I’d like to introduce one very simple concept that would go a long way in helping us all come together, self-awareness. It is mind boggling how horribly lacking in self-awareness both sides of the political spectrum in this country really seem to be at the present moment. For example the very same people I saw have a complete and utter meltdown of epic proportions when Obama was elected in 2012 and then continually berated and disrespected Obama at every turn for four years to come, are the very same people that are calling people on the left cry babies, losers, and feeling snubbed that anyone dare criticize our Preside Elect Trump. Frankly, it’s both sad and comical all at once and speaks volumes to a person’s complete inability for empathy.

I offer the following Facebook exchange I had on a friend’s page as a perfectly illustrative example of the countless exchanges I’ve had with different people over the years. I want to be clear, I don’t post this to shame anyone, it’s anonymous so that’s not possible. I also don’t post it to say only the right does this. All of us, both liberal and conservatives need a strong dose of self-awareness and I’ll be the first to say the left is as bad as the right in this regard. I post this graphic as a mirror, a reflection of what we’re all guilty of to some degree or other. If we can’t step outside of ourselves as a first step, then the path to some kind of productive co-existence is going to be remarkably difficult.