The Radical Center In Politics

I have a proposition for you.  But if I make it now, there’s a chance some of you won’t like it. And if I make it at the end of this video, I think most of you will.

Why do I think that?  Because if you follow politics, chances are you may not be open to hearing my proposition at this very moment. You may be too much-inclined to the pseudo-intellectual comfort food you get from Occupy Democrats and Counterpunch and Crooks and Liars. Or maybe the empty but satisfying calories the rest of you get from Newsmax, Alex Jones & Info Wars and Red State.
To be certain, I’m not here to trash those sites. Not the ones that call themselves progressive and not the ones that call themselves conservative. I’m here to try a little variation on what presidents of both parties always try to do. I’m here to talk around the media. Not around the mainstream media, the hated MSM, the unfree press. But rather around the rabidly ideological alternative rallying cry mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore bullshit media that’s convinced you they’re the only ones you can trust.

Look, we all know these are hyper-partisan times. And if we’re honest, each and every one of us has inclinations. Feel free to call them biases, or prejudices but I’m not judging. I’m going with inclinations which tempt us closer and closer to those who believe what we believe and further and further from those who just aren’t “like us.” All that’s true.  What’s not true is the proposition that that’s the way it has to be… or that it’s too difficult and too time-consuming to break free of the noise blasting out the stereo speakers on your right and on your left.

Join Hugh Nolan as he makes the case for a centrist return, a return to the radical center in politics.

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